Year in Review - 2023 - re-awakening

This year has been a journey of significant development for me. I had the opportunity to work alongside very talented engineers, which greatly improved my communication skill and they provided valuable feedback as a gift. This experience deepened my appreciation for the beauty of software engineering, and these are lessons and experiences I wouldn't exchange for anything.

One profound realization that struck me is the importance of outcomes over processes in our professional endeavours. It's clear to me now that while we can control our efforts, methods, and dedication, it's the outcomes that truly resonate in the real world. I witnessed projects that were built over decades being replaced within months by better-engineered solutions. This taught me that the impact and outcome of our work are what truly matter, not just the duration or intensity of our input.

In pursuit of perfection, I often found myself stressed rather than satisfied. I've learned it's crucial to step back and reevaluate the outcomes. This shift in perspective, from focusing on perfect inputs to considering expected outcomes, has brought me a lot of clarity.

Looking ahead, I am filled with enthusiasm for the coming year. I am eager to realign my approach, balancing my focus between outcomes, impact and input, rather than just input.

Here's to a year of balanced approaches, clear vision, and meaningful outcomes.