Before Vue 3 is Released

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Before Vue 3 is Released

Vuejs is a lightweight JavaScript framework for building Single Page Applications and beautiful User interfaces. đź’™

Personally I have been using this framework for about two years now and it's really great

While We are all eager and waiting anxiously for the release of Vue 3, it’s good to dig into the framework to understand some of its advanced concepts I will be leaving a list of awesome articles and concepts that will be helpful

  • Reactivity in Vuejs - models makes state management simple and intuitive lt will be great to understand how it works. Read
  • Custom directives - directives are vue commands prefixed with “v-” it helps you control the DOM. Read this awesome article.
  • Vue Pluggins - creating Vuejs pluggins is a great way to add global functions to your Vue app… Read
  • Security - What should you avoid to prevent vulnerability of your vuejs app what are the most fundamental security rule when using Vue ? Find out more
  • Virtual DOM and Render Process - Almost all recent front end JavaScript frameworks use the Virtual DOM… Check out how Vue uses the Virtual DOM here
  • Higher Order Components - a HOC is a function which takes a component as an argument and returns that component with extra powers or functionalities… it’s is a great pattern that helps reduce code repitition… check it out

📚 Please if You have more recourses and more advanced concept share in the comment section… Let’s learn Together ❤️